Using Aptana Studio 2.0 and PDT Plugin for Drupal Module Development

By | December 3, 2009

Aptana now uses the official Eclipse PDT (PHP Development Tools) plugin instead of their own PHP editor. I have Aptana 2.0.2, build date November 10 2009 on my Macbook.  I’m building a Drupal module, so I need to have PDT recognize (and correctly color-code) files with .module, .info and .install extensions.  There is a Drupal Article on configuring PDT as an Eclipse Plugin, but the steps are different for doing it in Aptana Studio.

The process is quite simple – basically 3 steps. Here they are (assuming you’ve got the PDT plugin installed already):

In Aptana Studio, click on the Aptana Studio/Preferences, expand the General link and click on Content Types: Aptana Preferences General tab

Next, expand the Text link. This will show you a list of content types supported in the editor. Scroll down until you see the PHP entry:

Aptana Content Types Associated with Editor

You’ll see the usual PHP extensions listed in the bottom box, such as php, php3, php5. Click on the Add button to the right to add an extension needed for Drupal Module development. You’ll see a dialog like this:

Aptana Define New Content Type Association

Click OK. Repeat this step for *.info and *.install (assuming these extensions are not already used for some other language or tool). That’s it! Now, when you open a .module file, it will have the same color-coding and editing as a .php file.

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    Thanks, Chris. I already use your jQuery extension for Dreamweaver! Great tool.

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