Tip for Using Picasa and Apple TV

By | January 9, 2010

I finally Googled to find an answer to this simple problem, which is:
When you load pictures in Picasa, it cleverly rotates them the correct way. However, Picasa does not change the underlying originals (look at them with Windows Explorer if you don’t believe me). So when you synch or stream these pictures on your Apple TV you’ll see the audience’s heads turn to one side in unison every so often, to view a sideways picture. The solution is simple, and is recorded at Google’s support site: click in the folder of pics you want to view on your Apple TV, then click the ‘save edited photos to disk’ icon, which looks like a diskette – just to the left of the ‘share’ button.

This has saved me a ton of time compared to having to rotate the images manually. Why didn’t I research this earlier?

2 thoughts on “Tip for Using Picasa and Apple TV

  1. Ewan Matthews

    I use both Picassa and Flickr for sharing photos over the internet but i use Flickr more often than Picassa.`”;

  2. Wayne Breise

    I have updated to the latest Picasa, Apple TV, & I tunes. Now when I import photo albums from Picasa to ITunes, then to Apple TV, the photos are scrambled. Is there a solution or work around?

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