Tip for getting Gmail email attachments into Google Docs with Chrome

By | February 25, 2011

If you use Gmail and Chrome as your browser you can take advantage of Chrome’s clever file upload functionality to include Gmail attachments in Google docs. Chrome has drag and drop functionality that lets you drag a file from anywhere on your computer to attach it to an email. When you compose an email in the Gmail interface in Chrome just drag to file to attach onto the area just below the ‘To:’ input field to attach it to the email.

But what if you want to include an attachment in a received email in your Google docs repository? Simple! Just open the email in Gmail and download the attachment. It will appear in the bottom of your browser in a box with its name and type. From there, click the Documents link at the top of the page to go to the Google Docs list. Click ‘upload file’ and drag the file from the box in the bottom of the browser to the upload area. Done!

8 thoughts on “Tip for getting Gmail email attachments into Google Docs with Chrome

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  2. hjh

    hmm – thats not a trick;)
    Point is – google sux in this aspect.

  3. fbloggs Post author

    I’m not sure why you think Google sux in this aspect. What would you suggest as an alternative that could be any simpler than dragging and dropping? Perhaps support for multiple files? But I think you can do that to with ctrl-click.

  4. Bill

    GMail used to have a feature that offered to upload attachments right from the email to Docs. It was in Gmail right beside the attachment itself, “Upload to Google Docs?”.

    I think it came from a google labs offer, i’m not sure, but I noticed lately that it has gone away. I loved it because in one click from email the attachment was in your Docs folder.

    Any ideas on where that went?

  5. Bill

    My mistake, it was in Gmail settings where you could enable the automatic upload to Google docs. That feature does not seem to be present any longer.

  6. Nick

    This works for pdf files. I have not tried it with any other type. This is a workaround and google should have something simpler than having me adjust the url to accompish the job. However, until they come up with something else, this is the best I have found. I personally don’t want to download the document to my computer and then drag and drop because then I have to go and delete the file which I didn’t want on my computer to begin with. You do the trick below and it will open the doc in google docs directly instead of the pdf viewer and then you can just push “save”. Credit goes to the following website:


    Here’s a simple trick that lets you open a PDF attachment in Google Docs Viewer. Click “View” next to the attachment and edit the URL: replace “view=att” with “view=gvatt” in the address bar. Another option is to right-click “View”, copy the URL, paste in the address bar and replace “view=att” with “view=gvatt”.

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