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Instructions for using a RAVIOLCASA 12

This post is for a different kind of technology – a ravioli template for making raviolis from fresh pasta. I have a hand-crank pasta machine that I use occasionally for making homemade pasta- usually fettucini. This weekend I purchased a new gadget for making ravioli – the RAVIOLCASA 12, made by Risoli. It’s an aluminum tray with dimples and serrated edges that you lay your sheets of pasta on, to form 12 raviolis at a time. It looks like this:


RAVIOLCASA 12 Ravioli Maker

It’s made in Italy. Unfortunately, the only instructions are printed on the box, in Italian. Here they are:

preparare la sfoglia, non troppo sottile, con farina e uova.
Infarinare bene la sfoglia da una sola parte
Distendere la sfoglia sul RAVIOLCASA 12 in modo da coprirlo interamente.
Mettere il ripieno negli incavi
Ricoprire con un’altra sfoglia leggermente umida
Comprimere bene con il palmo della mano e spianere il tutto
Passare accuratamente il mattarello nelle diverse direzioni esercitando una leggera pressione
Capovolgere il RAVIOLCASA 12 sul tavolo e si otterranno i ravioli tutti uguali e perfettamente chiusi.

I decided to type them in to Google Translate. Here’s the result:

preparing the dough, not too thin, with flour and eggs.
Flour the dough well on one side
Unfold the pastry on RAVIOLCASA 12 to cover it completely.
Put the filling into the recesses
Cover with another sheet slightly moist
Compress well with the palm of your hand and flatten the whole
Proceed carefully rolling pin in different directions by pressing lightly
Turn the RAVIOLCASA 12 on the table and get the ravioli are all equal and closed.

So, thanks to Google translate, I can now use my new gadget correctly! I found it funny that the box had ‘Made In Italy’ printed on it (in English, obviously), but the instructions were only in Italian (and only printed on the box! )