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Check out my jQuery beginners Article at

By | April 12, 2013

The article Dive Into jQuery (Part 1 appears in the April online and print editions of The target audience is primarily IBM i developers, but it’s actually a good introduction for anyone, regardless of server-side technology, who wants to learn jQuery.

How To Embed A Google Calendar Gadget In Your Web Site

By | February 1, 2010

Google provides two simple ways, other than you writing your own client code to talk to their APIs, to embed a calendar in your web page. One method is easily found by Googling for the info. This link explains how you can generate a piece of code directly from your calendar settings page, which you… Read More »

Tip for Using Picasa and Apple TV

By | January 9, 2010

I finally Googled to find an answer to this simple problem, which is: When you load pictures in Picasa, it cleverly rotates them the correct way. However, Picasa does not change the underlying originals (look at them with Windows Explorer if you don’t believe me). So when you synch or stream these pictures on your… Read More »