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Joomla 1.5 has wrong path for css, js files – edit your configuration.php file

By | December 19, 2009

I just moved a Joomla 1.5 install from my iMac to a hosted site. The home page showed up fine, but subsequent pages were missing all styles. It turns out that I needed to change the variable $live_site in configuration.php from ” to = ‘http://www.example.com/mypath’. I’m not clear on why it worked on my MAMP… Read More »

Cookbook – How to Move a blog from WordPress.com to a privately hosted site

By | July 17, 2009

I just moved my WordPress blog from WordPress.com to a privately hosted site. I use Islandnet, an ISP on Vancouver Island, BC, where I live. ( PLUG: I’ve used them for Internet services since 1994, and they are highly reliable and technically very competent. They are also very responsive.) You might find other blog posts… Read More »